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How I work as a black and white photographer?

Black and white architecture & building photography is not just work but a passion too. Since Ansell Adams first investigated the art of tones in black & white photography & developed the zonal system there are some subjects and photography that just look better in monochrome.

Don’t get me wrong I love colour but sometimes colour can distract or overwhelm he detail in an image.

This page is a variety of my own work that I have shot using tones rather than colours. Many black and white architecture photographers will look at shadows and reflections as they work to add the third dimension of depth into their work. It is a different way at looking at the art of architecture photography. Modern cameras are incredibly complex and clever mini-computers but it will still take the focal point as mid-tone grey unless the professional photographer compensates and the ability to focus on the correct tonal value can add a huge amount of detail to the final detail.

These black and white archite   cture and building photography photos were shot mainly in London and I have shot them with an interest in the natural and man made geometry and how it can be used with the tones, shapes and shadows to create an individual image that has an impact on the viewer.

It is not always necessary to travel to the far side of the world to create amazing images. Sometimes it is a case of just slowing down and looking for the pattern or the contrast in the environment we inhabit. London has a rich history and variety of buildings and architecture. It is so easy to take things for granted and to miss the beauty and the opportunities right on our doorstep. Some days I get the urge to put my headphones on (I listen to a variety of music but mostly something calming and soothing that allows me to live more deeply in the moment), get out of the flat and walk around London with a camera, a single lens and a tripod and see where the creative journey will lead me.

I relish commissions allowing my own black and white architecture photography interpretation of a brief is permitted. 


1. Receive brief

2. liase with client

3. Plan & prepare for shoot

4. Shoot images for client

5. Send client first edit for review & selection

6. Edit images

7. Send final images to client

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